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Pimento Cheese: The Healthier Version

Better for your health!

SOOOO I have tried every fad diet out there and yes they all work if you stick with them. I have a hard time doing that lol. In recent weeks I have just tried to make healthier choices. Finding great recipes that I can make my favorites at home is key!

Pimento Cheese-I Love It!

Pimento cheese is good with just about anything: crackers, sandwiches, grilled cheese, carrots, etc. But it isn't always the healthiest depending on what kind you get. I came across a simple recipe that substitutes the unhealthy mayo we all love.

Better For You Pimento Cheese

I am not one that is good with measurements, so I just put what I used :)

  • 1.5 packages of shredded cheddar cheese I used reduced fat

  • 1 cup to start with of Non-fat plain greek yogurt

  • 1-2 tbsp of mayo-I used Sir Kensington's Organic Mayo, you can also use Primal Kitchen or Chosen Foods

  • half a jar of pimentos


1. In a big mixing bowl mix all the ingredients together! Now if it is too runny for you add a little more cheese. If it is too dry add more of the Yogurt. And if not peppery enough for you add more pimentos!

You can just use the yogurt if you do not want to use mayo.

Now that is it! I know I know this was a tough one hehe. I am not a CHEF, I leave that job to my husband, he is very good at it. But I can make some things!

I ate this with triscuits, carrots and made a quesadilla with an Ole brand Extreme Wellness Wrap and it was mighty tasty!

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